Welcome to the future of postgraduate study

Postgraduate students come to university coursework study through a variety of pathways: some directly from an undergraduate experience, some with tertiary study many years behind them, and others come direct from industry with a wealth of experience of the working world. In all cases, they expect postgraduate study to be different, better, more research inspired, more flexible – and certainly something of the 21st century! They do not see that everywhere…
We know that the top 10 drivers for a prospective postgraduate student are related to the reputation of the institution (and the program of study that they are interested in) combined with flexibility and industry connection. Things like affordability are in the top ten, but not at the top. Students look for leading teachers with a passion to change the world with them; and they expect to see that grounded in our leading research, matched with the best of technology. They expect to start online, connecting with us and networking even before they start – trying out ideas before they buy, following an online onramp into study with us, and ‘flying’ into their new future from Day 0.

We are building on strength here at UTS. When we work face-to-face with students, we know we have the best learning and research spaces on this planet; but more – we are designing 21st century experiences for a new sort of learner, with the best digital spaces to match our powerful physical spaces.

We know students come to UTS looking to make a difference to themselves and the world. And in us they are looking for something different, something only we can offer. So, what is the signature of a University of Technology in the 21st century?

Our Work

My Video Grant

I was delighted when I got the news that my application for the Vice-Chancellor’s Learning and Teaching grant was approved.

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Our Team

Susan Cornish

Head of Learning Design

Susan coordinates the team to ensure we meet the needs of our diverse and talented academics and students. She works with partners across UTS to reinvent postgraduate coursework experiences and ensure that we create products to deliver the best of on-campus and online learning experiences.
Contact Susan to discuss how our team can best work with you.

Anthony Burke

Manager Learning Design Media

Anthony manages the creative and technical process of educational media production for postgraduate.futures. He has the ability to visually realise concepts and ideas and is always seeking new ways to enhance the student experience. Anthony is an experienced digital media producer who delivers creative solutions that align to educational outcomes.

Sasha Stubbs

Senior Learning Designer

Sasha is passionate about creating authentic, active, social learning experiences that resonate with students. She loves tinkering with tech to find innovative ways to support students to engage meaningfully with new concepts and ideas, and loves nothing more than sharing these discoveries with academics, demystifying the tech and putting it to good use.

Carmen Vallis

Senior Learning Designer

Carmen is an experienced learning designer who knows that online is the best thing to happen to education since the book. She enjoys the fast-paced, life-long learning of educational design as well as providing practical help to academic staff to get the most out of technology in their subjects. Carmen loves to see students engaged and learning in new ways, made possible by online affordances.

Adrian Norman

Senior Learning Designer

Adrian aims to blend the best of online and face-to-face to provide engaging and authentic learning experiences. Adrian has extensive experience as a learning designer and believes that imaginative and authentic assessment design is the driver of successful learning. Adrian is an avid lifelong learner with a special interest in supporting self-regulated learning in online environments.

Stuart Ryan

Technical Lead

Stuart has worked at UTS for 13 years with 7 and a half years administering Learning Management Systems within the Information Technology Division. As the Technical Lead he is working with the Learning Design team to provision the Canvas Learning Management System and associated technologies.

Ollie Coady

Web Specialist

Ollie has been working in Educational and Web Design for the past 5 years. His focus is on WordPress and how it can be used for Learning and Teaching across a multitude of purposes. He is currently rolling out small projects across the University with select subjects looking to use WordPress for teaching and learning.

Evan Betreen

Video Editor

Evan is passionate about creating rich media content that inspires people to think and to do amazing things. Evan believes in the power of the video platform to deliver new and engaging learning experiences and outcomes for students in an increasingly digital world.

Kiran Mohan

Senior Systems Analyst

Kiran has a passion for rethinking and enhancing education with the use of technology. He administers and manages UTS Canvas. As a senior Systems Analyst, he works closely with the Learning Design team and supports all Canvas users

Professor Peter Scott

Professor Peter Scott

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education)

Professor Peter Scott had previously been working in Educational Technology Media for 20 years at the Open University (OU) – the UK’s leading distance learning university before becoming the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education) at UTS. Before joining UTS, he was the Director of the Knowledge Media Institute and was at the forefront of research and development in disciplines that intersect to improve learning with technology. He believes technology is a critical part of the learning mix for the 21st century university, but only one part of that mix. He envisages a new way of working where we fit people, places and learning designs together with technology into UTS life.

Marilyn Harris

Marilyn Harris

Education Strategy Analyst, Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education and Students)

Marilyn is currently working on the Postgraduate.futures initiative in the areas of policy, strategy, communications, infrastructure and resource management.  Her diverse background in the arts, media production, policy and education contributes to her unique perspective, where ensuring the quality of the student experience is always her paramount concern. Marilyn is currently leading on the postgraduate.futures learning ecosystem which unites all the strategic issues, systems and policies around this initiative.