About Place Based Methodologies

The concept of place has been the subject of multiple debates, reflecting humanities and social sciences’ increasing interest in space and place. Because of these debates there are multiple definitions of place and multiple ways to study place. This site responds to the need to organise and critically present place-based methodologies. A methodology is understood as an assemblage of methods grounded in a shared approach and emerging from one’s project’s questions or hypothesis. This site is organised in four sections:


Glossary is an index of key terms used in the Methodologies section.

Methodologies locate each methodology in current debates, provide examples of each methodology in action in different disciplines, explain in detail commonly used methods and offer a list of practical tips on how to use these methods to ‘do’ inquiry-based work. Each methodology is linked to relevant podcasts and glossary.

Podcasts collect conversations with researchers and teachers working in a variety of disciplines at UTS and other institutions. Hear directly from these researchers to learn about how they think about, choose, and use specific methodologies.

Resources Additional, up to date, multimedia resources about place and about each methodology.