How to Add Media


For effective blog posts, you should add images, videos (if relevant) and other visual features.

Featured image

You will find this button by scrolling down the right hand column of the editor.


The featured image you use for your post appears in two places on the blog – at the top of the page your post is on, and on the front page of the blog as a link to your post. To best fit the layout of the site, you should aim for a picture in landscape dimensions. Make sure the image is high quality, and relates to the content of your post. If you have your own image to upload, you can use that or check out our blog post for some suggestions on stock images (websites that have images you can use).

Images within post

Use the Add Media button along the top toolbar.


Embedding images in the body of your blog helps to break up large blocks of text, increasing the readability of your post. Adding images in this section is a similar process to adding a feature image, but there is no need to choose a landscape image. Instead, focus on good placement of the images in your post, as per the examples below.


The best way to add a video to your post is by embedding a YouTube video. All you need to do is copy the embed code from YouTube and paste into the body of your post.


Click on the Share button to see the embed code, then click on Embed, copy the text and paste it into the blog post editor.


Embedded tweets

Embedding tweets is an easy way to connect your blog post to a broader conversation. To do this, you need the embed code from Twitter. On the tweet you would like to embed, click on the arrow in the top right hand corner.


From the dropdown menu, select Embed tweet.


This will prompt a pop up window with the link and a preview of the embedded tweet. Copy the text.


Once you have it, you’ll need to switch from the WYSYWIG editor to the text-only editor, which you can do by clicking the Text tab on the top right hand corner of the post editor.


Paste your code in, press ‘Update’ and the tweet will be correctly formatted for your post. You can switch back to the WYSYWIG editor by clicking the Visual tab once you’ve done this.