Online video conferencing is about to Zoom in

Zoom will soon be available for all teaching staff at UTS.

18 really useful resources for online assessment at UTS

To help you with the new Assessment policy, here’s our hand-picked selection of 18 recommended resources for using online assessment tools at UTS. 

UTSOnline’s inline feedback tool is changing

Read on to see if and how your marking may change

Hidden Gems of UTSOnline #1 – Adaptive Release

We’re uncovering some of the overlooked wonders of UTSOnline! First up is “Adaptive Release” – particularly useful when you need to receive late submissions from students who have been given special consideration.

Time saver: post from social media direct to UTSOnline

Who says students don’t read announcements on UTSOnline? Amanda White from UTS Business School uses a clever hack to share the latest developments in the accounting world, while simultaneously posting on UTSOnline.