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All about Explorable Explanations

Explorable explanations are a great way to delve into complex ideas and help students understand them. Learn more here about explorable explanations and the tools you can use to create them.

5 ways UTS Library can help with teaching in Autumn Session

eReadings, new subject materials, essential skills training for students, workshops, kits…and more!

Give alternate realities a try

There’s great potential for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) to enhance the future of teaching, learning and research in the university setting.

Drag-and-drop code & click-together circuitry: the littleBits of big projects

Want to incorporate coding into your subject but don’t know where to start?

Digital Literacy made easy with the Library’s Tinker Kits

The UTS Library Tinker Kits empower students to design and prototype projects, learn coding and computational thinking skills as well as build softer skills such as problem-solving, creativity and communication. Little Bits Use these snap together magnetic modules to...