Update, back up and clean out: keep yourself secure beyond passwords

Security goes beyond passwords. Think about backing up, thinking of what you keep and what you don’t, and updating as key security practices.

Wireless presenting with AirMedia

AirMedia is an application that allows presenting in the classroom without connecting your laptop, tablet or phone with cables. Get started with wireless presenting with these instructions.

Lively up your lecture: polling tools

There are two types of people in the world: those who watch cricket, and those who start nodding off at just the mention of it. No matter which category you’re in, you will no doubt see the rationale behind the TV networks’ use of live polling to keep their audience engaged (or is that awake?) during the middle overs of a long day’s play. Could you apply the same trick to enliven a lecture?

Why I do what I do: Lala Day, Learning Designer, Postgraduate Futures

The moment that led to me becoming a Learning Designer was… about eight years ago, I was in class telling my students that if I saw another mobile phone out on the table I was going to take it and sell it on eBay; mine was a mobile free classroom.