Key Technology Partnership in Teaching Excellence

Learn about the authentic, practical learning experience that UTS is sharing with international partners…

Law of the Sea: a chat with Dr David Leary

David Leary takes us through the basics of his subject, Law of the Sea.

The Teaching Research Nexus in Science

Associate Professor Sheila Donnelly from the School of Life Sciences talks about how she integrates her passion for research with her teaching. Sheila researches host-parasite interactions to develop novel therapeutics for the treatment of autoimmune disease.

Loopy: An Interactive Animated Visual Aid for Education

Loopy is a new tool for demonstrating how complex systems behave.

Innovative information: get involved and keep your students listening

So you tell everyone you love teaching…but how do you show it? Coming up with new, innovative ways to convey important information to your students is paramount – so what are you waiting for? Get innovating now!