social media

Students not reading their emails? Try connecting via social media

Is anyone out there? Try using social media to communicate with students.

Connect, converse, collaborate: Twitter for researchers

Twitter is a valuable tool for communicating your research and engaging with other researchers.

Could WeChat make my life easier?

China’s most popular social media app has just reached 1 billion active users. It’s your Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, Instagram and believe it or not, your OK Cupid, all amalgamated into a SINGLE app. So why was I not on it?

It’s #UTSLXlab Social Media Week: 23-27 April

Don’t know your hashtags from your Hootsuites, or your Wordpress from your WeChat? #UTSLXlab Social Media Week has got social media sorted for teaching, research, cat videos, and beyond.

Embed a video into UTS Online: how to do it in 7 easy steps

Video is a powerful and engaging resource for academics. Let’s say you’ve found a great video on YouTube, and you’d love to share it with your class on UTSOnline. Great! So how do you do that?