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Free range engineering

The Summer Studio experience that’s shaking things up for UTS FEIT students…

Authentic assessment in a games arcade: Q&A with Ass. Prof. Tuck Leong

An exam in a games arcade? Find out how the exam came about, how it helps students learn and how it’s changed the way Tuck approaches his teaching.

Learning and Teaching Citation winner Dr Tuck Wah Leong on authentic learning experiences in IT

Dr Tuck Wah Leong is serious about helping his students to become industry-ready professionals. We chatted with him about student engagement, classroom tips, and more…

How Creativity and Complexity combines fashion and transdisciplinary learning

This post is a collaboration between Dr Melissa Edwards and Mark Liu, who designed the program for the subject Creativity and Complexity. Read on to find out why students described the subject as ‘challenging, but rewarding’.

Getting students to co-create course content for Contemporary Latin(o) Americas

Did you ever think of getting students to develop some course content? Here are some of my experiences over the last four years…