News from the AiR with Ilaria Vanni

Associate Professor Ilara Vanni talks about developing a community of practice for place-based methodologies during her time as the LX.lab’s Academic in Residence.

A brief guide to learning and teaching support at UTS

New to teaching at UTS? Or maybe you’re just looking for some inspiration? Here are some of the services available to all teaching staff.

Do something new: every day next week in the LX.lab

Your day-by-day guide to some really interesting talks and workshops for UTS academics in the LX.lab, 9-13 July.

Where are you? New UTS research exploring the physicality of teaching in a learning space

Dr Roberto Martinez-Maldonado is heading up a project that uses analytics to explore the physical location of teachers in the classroom. Corporeal entity Phil Betts went along to his recent demonstration in the LX.Lab, and physically sat at his desk in a shared work space to write this report.