What’s on in the LX.lab for November

Catch some of the events in the last two weeks of our launch program…

The new 3 ‘R’s are here: AR, VR, MR

When I was a little kid watching TRON and Lawnmower Man, virtual reality was on the scene – if only in my imagination. The 2000’s saw a lull, but over the past 3 years there has been a resurgence in the field. Has it finally come to mainstream?

LX.lab: open for business!

The LX.lab officially opened to all UTS staff on 30 October. Here’s a selection of photos of some of the great things that have happened so far…

LX.lab: cast your vote for new events!

It’s your place for learning and teaching – so tell us what events you want to see in the new LX.lab!

The learning.futures Academic Hub is now the LX.lab – your place for learning and teaching!

Visit the new LX.lab in Building 6 and see it for yourself…