The new LX.lab: your ideas wanted!

The new Learner Experience Lab (LX.lab) is positioned in a highly visible location along one of the busiest thoroughfares at UTS. It is a chance for academic and support staff to claim a piece of this innovative high profile space for staff focussed events and...

UTS Soft Skills: It’s About Creativity

Take a look at the first in a series of videos that focuses on the soft skills UTS Business graduates can expect to gain from their learning experiences…

learning.futures learner experience design grants: apply now

Like to design more active and collaborative learning experiences? Read on to find out how to gain funding to help…

A digital experience: why industry excursions encourage authentic learning

A key challenge I face in the classroom is how to communicate to students that what they are learning has real world industry applications. Sometimes showing them can be far more beneficial than telling them.

“It’s the best blended learning program I’ve done” Scholarly Teaching Fellow, FEIT

This comment comes from an academic who attended the Teaching for learning.futures program – a program designed to guide you to make your classes more engaging for your students, and to ‘blend’ your subject making better use of UTSOnline tools and technologies.