My learning design challenge: help create a world class Master of High-Performance Sport degree

Embracing the challenge of creating a world-class Master of High-Performance Sport, the UTS Human Performance Research Centre, with help from our PG.f team, got to work!

How Bernard Saliba teaches his students about mindfulness

Lecturer, Bernard Saliba from the Faculty of Health chats with us about the process and benefits of creating a more mindful classroom. Read our interview to find out more about engaging your students with mindfulness.

Comfort in the environment: accessibility and mental health

How do we talk about access requirements for mental health, and why is this important?

Exploring Data Sonification

With data visualisation we can use our sense of sight to understand our data. But what about our sense of hearing? Let’s take a look at data sonification.

The Simulation Blues

Cultural competence and the use of simulations