Can academic integrity be taught using a board game?

Watch: Dr Amanda White on the Academic Integrity Board Game teaching students about the consequences of cheating.

You had me at bone marrow bingo

The study of blood doesn’t tend to conjure up images of classroom banter, bingo calls or The Biebs. Until Associate Lecturer Rebecca Keppel and her team of scientists decided to change all that.

Playdough capitalism: further lessons in radical economic pedagogy

In 2017, Elizabeth Humphrys received a FASS Teaching and Learning and Award for her work in the subject Economy, Society and Globalism. Learn about the classroom simulation she used to help students understand complex theoretical concepts.

Augmented reality for law students: a few reflections on Zappar

Jackie Jones, Subject Coordinator for Legal and Professional Skills, tried out the AR app Zappar. Here’s her feedback…

Pokémon GO anyone?

Last July the Augmented Reality (AR) game “Pokémon GO” had millions of people around the world accidentally exercising from catching Pokémons (pocket monsters). Could you incorporate AR into your active learning design?