First Year Experience

Wrap up: First Year Experience Forum July 2017

Did you miss out on the July First Year Experience Forum? Check out this video for highlights!

Transition is not just for first year

Whether they’re starting first year, second year, final year or postgrad, students are starting new subjects. Good week 1 activities can help students to make the transition into your subject and class. And it’s not (quite) too late to do something.

Student Transition: are we trying hard enough?

Learn about what UTS is doing to help first year students transition into tertiary education.

How tablet computing annotation and sharing technology transforms student participation

Dr. James Wakefield from the UTS Business School is engaging students in Accounting tutorials by using tablets as learning aids.

2017 UTS First Year Experience Grants: Applications Are Open

Coordinators of first year subjects and second year transition subjects taken by students coming from pathways are invited to apply for amounts of up to $4,000 for projects aimed at implementing transition pedagogies in the curriculum. Team applications involving coordinators, teaching teams, tutors, demonstrators and academic support professionals are encouraged.