The Quick Study: Principles of Good Feedback (plus 39 feedback activities!)

In our series The Quick Study, we take a walk through some key pedagogical ideas and texts as they’re presented in the peer-reviewed literature. Each post will summarise a contemporary or historically significant article, providing a refresher or entry point to further reading.

UTSOnline’s inline feedback tool is changing

Read on to see if and how your marking may change

Exploring Data Sonification

With data visualisation we can use our sense of sight to understand our data. But what about our sense of hearing? Let’s take a look at data sonification.

In a nutshell: Formative Assessment

Got two minutes? Here’s a quick refresher on formative assessment.

REVIEW Vs Turnitin – which is for you?

Two systems developed for assessment and feedback. Both with pros and cons. Let’s weigh up in Round 1 of REVIEW Vs Turnitin: Assessment.