Consent Matters training: Reviewed

We’re currently attempting to do something that no other Australian university has done: roll out educational consent training to all 50,000+ members of our community.

All your assessment questions answered! Assessment month at the LX.lab starts soon…

Join us for Assessment month throughout July at the LX.lab, where we’ll demystify marking, online quizzes and more! Take a look at some of our events and book in for a workshop.

Data, technology and light: what’s on at Vivid this year

It’s time for Vivid once again, and there’s a packed program of events to choose from. Take a look at this selection to start planning your schedule…

It’s Sustainability Week at the LX.lab!

You may have noticed the front page of Futures is looking very green lately. From 9-13 April, come along to the LX.lab and explore sustainability with our special events program for Sustainability Week.

What’s on in the LX.lab for November

Catch some of the events in the last two weeks of our launch program…