Celebrate International Women’s Day with reads from UTS academics

Happy International Women’s Day! Here are 5 different articles from women at UTS.

Making strides for women in STEMM: follow Elaine Huber on her journey with Homeward Bound

UTS’ own Dr Elaine Huber is preparing for a trip to Antarctica as part of the Homeward Bound project. Read on to find out more about the project and why it’s taking women in STEMM on this exciting journey.

10 different perspectives on accessibility

Looking for ways to make sure your subject is accessible to students with a disability? These stories and resources from UTS staff will point you in the right direction.

Why empathy, communication and support are key to helping your students

Understanding how your students feel is the first step to helping them feel comfortable and welcome in your learning environment.

Changing Pedagogical Spaces with Professor Penny Jane Burke

Newcastle University’s Professor Penny Jane Burke, a global leader in the field of equity in higher education, spoke with us on changing pedagogical spaces.