Connecting best practice learning and teaching at UTS with NSW equity funded high schools

High schools in low socio economic areas, particularly in South West Sydney are developing exciting and engaging teaching and learning opportunities in schools.

My path to PhD, and disability in the university

Navigating the PhD pathway and finding accessibility along the way…

Reflections on access from the UTS Law Students’ Society: Accessibility In Legal Workplaces Panel

When diversity in our future workplaces is envisioned, environments inclusive of disability and different access requirements often get pushed behind for diversity in areas such as age, gender and race. Despite disability intersecting with every community, when spaces such as workplaces aren’t made physically and socially accessible, they exclude us from any discussion by default.

Let’s Get Loud for Loud Shirt Day!

On Friday the 20th of October the Hub are going LOUD!

Fighting racism and improving mental health: a look back at UTS Diversity Week

Catch up on this year’s Diversity Week, featuring interviews with students, staff and a peek at some of Diversity Week’s special guests…