UTS Soft Skills: It’s About Creativity

Take a look at the first in a series of videos that focuses on the soft skills UTS Business graduates can expect to gain from their learning experiences…

Skills of the future: soft skills video series

New videos will support your students to develop the skills of the future.

Dr Amanda White chats with us about auditing, accounting and awards…

At the UTS 2016 Teaching and Learning Forum, Dr Amanda White was the recipient of an Individual Teaching Award. We asked her a few questions about her learning and teaching practice…

Finger lickin’ accounting

The UTS Business School’s Accounting Standards and Regulation (ASR) subject was once known as the hardest accounting units on offer. Today, the subject’s teaching team uses memes, like the Double Down burger, and ‘Trojan horses’ to introduce difficult or abstract concepts.

How tablet computing annotation and sharing technology transforms student participation

Dr. James Wakefield from the UTS Business School is engaging students in Accounting tutorials by using tablets as learning aids.