active learning

Scratch me happy: active learning classroom techniques

What does active learning actually look and feel like for students in the classroom?

First Year Experience Forum recap: September 2018

Check out these fantastic tools and activities to support learning in large classes.

Why can’t we be friends? PowerPoint and active learning

The classic PowerPoint presentation – bullet point-riddled slides clicked through almost as if to distract you from actually listening to a lecture – is the hallmark of a style of teaching that treats students as passive receivers of information. There’s an argument for ditching that slideshow altogether. But Powerpoint is a pretty essential tool for keeping a session on track. So do you need to throw the slide deck out with the monologue?

Weave digital storytelling into your teaching with Dr Mauricio Marrone and Dr Murray Taylor

Learn more about this versatile approach to engaging your students and helping them to remember important information.

Changing our conference habits

How many conferences will you attend this year? How will you present? Some thoughts on integrating good teaching practice into conference presenting.