Now’s the best time to make a Welcome Video for your subject!

There’s no better way for students to start the session than to see a smiling face!

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It’s time to get your subjects in full bloom – Spring session is almost here!

Can you believe that it is July already? So you’ve finished marking for Autumn, and it’s time to turn over a new leaf and get ready for the Spring session!

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Getting to know your students

My ‘Getting to Know You’ survey didn’t just work for me. It also worked for Dr Sumati Ahuja, who shares her insights with us.

read more will soon become LinkedIn Learning has been used across the campus by academics and professional staff for over four years now. It has become an indispensable tool for many, supporting the learning.futures strategy as well as the training needs of all staff.

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Finding the freedom to create in Mechatronics

As part of the FFYE Students as Partners theme, Dr Gavin Paul’s studio has been trialling a collaborative and immersive learning experience in which students are mentored to develop their own learning goals.

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Group-scaping: cultivating good team dynamics for group assignments

What if there was a way to help students cultivate good team dynamics for group assignments? Enter IML’s Adam Morgan and Dr Jurgen Shulte.

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