Message in a bottle from the 2018 Ascilite Conference

The theme for the 2018 Ascilite conference was Open Oceans: Learning without Borders. Come and take a dive with us into some of the discussion points that emerged from this year’s event.

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Introducing our new team of Academics in Residence (AiR)

Meet our new Academics in Residence, Jochen Schweitzer, Maya Marcus, Martin Bliemel and Julien Marchand! Read on to learn more about the Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Honours degree project.   It was an exciting moment for the LX.lab to launch the next instalment of... read more

Wrapping up the Teaching and Learning Forum for another year

Take a look at our wrap up video from the 2018 Teaching and Learning Forum.

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Announcement: changes to Grade Centre process

An important update for Subject Coordinators in the 2019 Autumn session.

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Taking a postgraduate degree to the high seas

If you’ve ever struggled to make it to class on time, spare a thought for Ben Wellfare, a student in the Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Innovation. As well as being a postgraduate student at UTS, Wellfare is also a navigating officer in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) – a job that requires him to spend extended periods of the year at sea.

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Happy one-year anniversary to the LX.lab!

To celebrate one year of the LX.lab, let’s take a look at the brief history and how far we’ve come!

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