The pros and cons of crowdsourcing ideas

Simon Buckingham Shum – Professor of Learning Informatics, Director of UTS Connected Intelligence Centre, and researcher in Collective Intelligence and Online Deliberation platforms – walks us through idea management platforms, crowdsourcing and how best... read more

Give ’em a piece of your mind!

As UTS moves into its 30th year, it’s time for senior exec to prepare the long-term strategy, not surprisingly called ‘UTS2027’. So, what’s the plan? This time around, they’re doing things a little differently. Rather than limiting... read more

It’s #UTSLXlab Social Media Week: 23-27 April

Don’t know your hashtags from your Hootsuites, or your Wordpress from your WeChat? #UTSLXlab Social Media Week has got social media sorted for teaching, research, cat videos, and beyond.

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21 ideas for social media in teaching

Endless networks, endless connections, endless possibilities for learning. Here are 21 ideas to get you started.

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Writing a blog post? Here are 7 things to avoid.

Avoiding these common traps will make it easier to start – and finish – that post.

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Changing Pedagogical Spaces with Professor Penny Jane Burke

Newcastle University’s Professor Penny Jane Burke, a global leader in the field of equity in higher education, spoke with us on changing pedagogical spaces.

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