Philip Betts

Introducing our new team of Academics in Residence (AiR)

Meet our new Academics in Residence, Jochen Schweitzer, Maya Marcus, Martin Bliemel and Julien Marchand! Read on to learn more about the Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Honours degree project.   It was an exciting moment for the LX.lab to launch the next instalment of... read more

Turn and lodge the grades: ch-ch-changes to the end-of-session grade submission process

There’s an old legend that floats about the hallways during mid-session breaks, about a subject coordinator who was copying grades over into their old ‘SLS’ spreadsheet.

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Does Kaltura hold your heart? | Part 2

With its video quizzes and privacy functions, Kaltura might be the perfect platform for you. Take a look at the Kaltura bio and register here for our upcoming event, ‘Find your perfect video streaming platform match’.

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Create video quizzes from your own videos OR from YouTube!

Did you know you can create video quizzes with Kaltura, UTS’s new video streaming service built into UTSOnline (Blackboard) and Canvas?

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(EXPIRED) Camtasia and Snaggit for about 25 smackers for the next few days!!!!!1!@!

For the next couple of days you can get Camtasia and Snaggit for just US$20. Get it. Get on it. Screencast. Screencap. Jammin’!

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