Getting a Canvas sandpit is easy as 1, 2, 3…

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The best way to try out Canvas is to jump in and play around in your very own ‘sandpit’ – make stuff, break stuff if you can, and have fun!

Step 1

Open ServiceConnect and click on Requests.

a screenshot of the ServiceConnect homepage with the 'Requests' button, on the mid-top right hand side of the page circled in red

Step 2

Select Learning Technologies Support from the Categories menu on the left.

a screenshot of the Service Connect menu screen, with the 'Learning Technologies' button circled in red (in the centre of the left hand side)

Step 3

Click on the Canvas Sandpit access button and complete the form to request access.

screenshot of ServiceConnect screen with Canvas sandpit button circled in red, in the middle top of the page


And that’s all you need to do!

Once you have your sandpit, you’ll also have access to a UTS Canvas Staff Community site for ideas, lots of help guides, a Canvas support hotline and live chat with Canvas support. Feel free to use them!



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