The LX Transformation: FAQ’s and how to get involved

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You might have heard a little about the LX Transformation around campus. But what is the LX Transformation, and what does it mean for you? Read on to find out more.

What is the LX Transformation?

The LX Transformation (formerly known as the One LMS program) will create a new digital learning and teaching ecosystem for UTS. Over a three year roll-out our core program team will work alongside faculties to create a learning ecosystem that can enhance and streamline our approach to blended and online learning.

For more information, download the factsheet here. 

In summary:

  • UTS has established the LX Transformation program, formally known as the One LMS program
  • A transformative uplift to teaching delivery in line with our aspirations as a university of technology
  • Incorporating how we utilise technology with curriculum, learning strategies and learning spaces
  • A  three-year program that will be faculty led, co-creating a learning ecosystem to enhance and streamline our approach to blended and online learning
  • Our approach will be course-led design, working with teaching teams rather than individuals
  • Focused on giving academics greater flexibility to enrich the student experience while building their digital capabilities. Generating more capacity for academics to manage their time.

Get involved

There are, and will be, multiple opportunities to feed into the program. We want you to share your insights and learning needs. We are holding workshops in the coming weeks and we’re keen for participants. If you’re interested, please register to attend below.

Get in touch

We want to hear from you so please ask questions, make suggestions, and reach out to learn more about how you can play a role in this transformation at You can also sign up for updates here.


Academic staff call for participation in human-centred design workshops | 31 October – 28 November



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