The Learner Experience (LX) Grant Showcase

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Our 2017 Learner Experience (LX) Grant recipients have now successfully implemented new learning experiences in the classroom.

Interested in applying for a Learner experience grant but not sure what you can do? Join us in the LX.lab over three days from Tuesday the 20 November to Thursday 22 November to learn about the different projects that have been implemented and how you can do it too. You will hear from a range of UTS academic each day. Check out what we’ve got on each day in the program below:


Day 1: Tuesday 20th November 

Encouraging reflecting in first-year of academic study by Liz Giuffre, Chris Comerford and Ben Abraham


Development, implementation and sustainability of the RIPE (Reflective Interprofessional Education) Model by Cherie Lucas, Tamara Power, Carolyn Hayes and Caleb Ferguson


Introducing collaborative activities to encourage student learning by Alex Thomson and Melanie Purdy


2017 LX Grant Showcase Day 1 | 20 November



Day 2: Wednesday 21st November 

Reflective Learning on Performing Cell Culture by Joshua Chou

New UTS 350 student lecture theatres by Jurgen Schulte and Sally Inchbold


The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park board game by Leigh Martin and team


2017 LX Grant Showcase Day 2 | 21 November


Day 3: Thursday 22nd November 

Reflective Learning on Performing Cell Culture by Joshua Chou


An active an self-direct research approach to learning by Margaret Durham and team


The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park board game by Leigh Martin and team


Perspective Relay: Exploring a single street through multiple lenses by Susanne Pratt and team


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2017 LX Grant Showcase Day 3 | 22 November




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