(EXPIRED) Camtasia and Snaggit for about 25 smackers for the next few days!!!!!1!@!

by | 26 Jul, 2018 | 3 comments

Folks! Folks. Check out Humble Bundle. If you've never heard of it, Humble Bundle is great - it connects publishers with charities, and puts out heavily discounted collections of software, eBooks and blah blah blah...

<UPDATE: Unfortunately this deal has now expired> 

Raving about Humble Bundle is not the point.

The point is that for the next couple of days you can get Camtasia and Snaggit for just US$20.

Both of these tools are excellent for making annotated screencasts (a video that shows what’s happening on your computer screen) and screenshots. Camtasia, for instance, can highlight where your mouse is, and where it clicks. Here’s a delightful animated GIF I made with Camtasia:

Demonstration of animated GIF made with Camtasia

The wild thing is Camtasia itself usually costs $160 for a standalone education license, so this is around an 80% reduction on the reduced rate. It’s $250 in the wild.

Get it. Get on it. Screencast. Screencap. Jammin’!



  1. Teigan

    Has anyone bought this?

  2. Blogging Tutorial

    Hi, thanks for finding this offer. Camtasia is really famous and tt is legit.


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