International Women’s Day: How do we Press for Progress?

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International Women’s Day is our chance to celebrate the achievements of women. The 2018 theme Press for Progress encourages us to discuss ways we can continue to push for gender equity. We spoke with some inspiring women from across UTS – including senior leaders, academics, students and start-up founders – for their career insights and advice.

This post was originally posted on UTS: Newsroom and is republished here with permission. Co-authored by Allison Glavin and Katia Sanfilippo. 

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How can we as a UTS community ‘press for progress’ around gender equity?

“I really love Women @ UTS. I’ve been to a few of their events and I’ve made connections there. I think when we work collectively as women together, we can make change.”
Jenna Price, Senior Lecturer, UTS Journalism

“One of the things we’re doing is inspiring female entrepreneurship. In our Hatchery program, our student entrepreneurship program, we have approximately 57% of our female founders. Giving those tools to women and allowing them to create their own jobs and create the jobs of the future.”
Margaret Petty, Executive Director, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

“We need to be thinking about gender and equality in every decision we make and every appointment we make.”
Professor Shirley Alexander, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education & Students)

“There are really easy things that faculties can do, such as regular audits in the kinds of people employed and at what level. So that we can have full information about whether things like the glass ceiling are still affecting us”
Christina Ho, Senior Lecturer, Social and Political Sciences

“Support and promote more safe spaces for women and femme-identifying students”
Bernice Datu, Women’s Convenor, UTS Women’s Collective

“Continue to support difference among women. Constantly recognising intersectionality and cultural diversity and Indigeneity among women…and keep doing what we’re doing.”
Professor Nareen Young, Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education & Research

“Knowing your place in the communities you’re trying to help. And knowing when to lead the charge and when to stand back and help other people raise their voices. The Respect.Now.Always campaign is already pressing for progress – it’s open to not just women but also to gender-diverse backgrounds.”
Aadarsh Prasad, student

“It is inconceivable that in a just and ethical society, women have any less opportunity in employment or in life. For real progress, it is incumbent upon each and every one of us to continue and consistently strive for positive change. The Athena SWAN, our unconscious bias training, our recruitment commitments – these are all parts of a bigger program aimed at driving concrete change here at UTS.”
Professor Attila Brungs, Vice-Chancellor and President

“Get involved. Find people of a like mind and get involved. You have the agency to change the world, and you have the people who want to help you do it, so get involved.”
Verity Firth, Executive Director, Social Justice

Take a look at the post on UTS: Newsroom for more comments from UTS staff and students on International Women’s Day and gender equality.

Watch the UTS International Women’s Day video

Feature image: Bernice Datu, Women’s Convenor at UTS Women’s Collective. Image courtesy of UTS MCU.


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