Online video conferencing is about to Zoom in

Zoom will soon be available for all teaching staff at UTS.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is an online video conferencing tool offering a host of features that makes it ideal for an interactive learning experience. Zoom is a highly flexible and reliable tool that can be used in creative ways to enhance learning and teaching. For example, staff can:

  • offer one-on-one and small group consultations
  • share and annotate a reading or paper
  • deliver a presentation and allow students to present
  • poll students’ views or knowledge on a subject
  • assign students into breakout groups for a collaborative activity
  • meet with academics inside and outside UTS.

Take a look at this short video featuring Associate Professor Jason Harris from Law speaking about how using Zoom made his subject more interactive.


There are hands-on Zoom training sessions on 15 February, which you can register to attend in the morning or afternoon. There will also be a follow-up Zoom Q&A session on 26 February.

What is required?

  • a good internet connection
  • for audio, you will need speakers and a microphone
  • for video, you will need a webcam.


  • Hands-on training sessions “Zoom into the Future” on 15-Feb, and a follow-up online Q&A session on 26-Feb (see links above)
  • AVS training sessions “How to use AV in the classroom, 5-Mar to 9-Mar (check
  • Setting up Zoom is simple, just follow our online resources for Zoom in UTSOnline, and the Zoom Meeting Guide.



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