6 resolutions you can actually keep this year

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Making New Year’s resolutions is easy, but keeping them…not so much. Check out some of the different ways we’ve got your back and how we can help turn your 2018 into Twenty Great-teen!

Resolution #1: be more mindful

The easy answer is to take some time away from your desk, pull up a lawn chair and enjoy the sunshine on Alumni Green. If you need more professional help though, you can access free, confidential counselling, coaching and support through UTS’s Employee Assistance Program (it’s available to both staff and their immediate family members).

Or book an appointment at the UTS Psychology Clinic – a not-for-profit teaching and research clinic offering clinical psychology treatments to staff, students and the community. (The clinic will be open for consultations from Tuesday 23 January, but you can book an appointment at any time.) And remember to check out HRU’s wellbeing expo and wellness workshops throughout 2018.

Resolution #2: send fewer emails

While you could just book yourself another holiday, Office365 offers a better way to reduce email overload (one that won’t leave you or your bank account wanting once you get back). Find out how staff are already using Teams, Planner and Yammer to discover a new outlook on email.

Resolution #3: be more sustainable

Bin those takeaway coffee cups and opt for a re-useable one instead. Not only will you help to reduce the 1 billion disposable coffee cups that end up in Australian landfill every year, but you could also score yourself a sweet discount! Make sure you follow UTS Green online or on Facebook for more sustainable living tips.

Resolution #4: learn something new

Not sure if a full- or part-time postgrad degree is for you? Then check out UTS Open. It’s our new self-paced online learning platform that lets you sample some of the uni’s best postgrad courses for free (it’s kind of like a degustation for your mind).

If that’s not quite up your alley, check out Lynda.com or the professional development workshops being run by HRU this year.

Resolution #5: find a new job

Are you thinking new year, new you, new job? Don’t look outside UTS – log into NEO, then head to iRecruit to search and apply for a new job within UTS.

While you’re there, check out the Online Learning Management portal to see if there are any workshops you can take to upskill while you wait for you application to be reviewed or for the right job to be advertised!

Resolution #6: exercise more

It’s time to don your lycra and leg warmers (go on, you know you want to!) and hit the gym before, during or after work at ActivateFit on Harris (you can find it at the bottom of building 4).

If gym sessions aren’t your thing, then try a walk around campus (HRU have done the hard work for you by mapping out a selection of circuits, including David’s Dawdle, Tina’s Trek and Helen’s Glebe Coffee Walk), ride to (or from) work or dive into a local pool.

Still sounds like too much effort? Then take the stairs instead of the lift.

Happy New Year’s!

This post was originally published on StaffConnect, and is republished here with permission. 

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