FEIT Summer Studios: meet facilitator Hadi Khabbaz

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Summer studios are high-energy, open-ended, collaborative, project-inspired environments soon to be launched in the Faculty of Engineering and IT. Each studio delivers a different focus based on real world engineering and IT problems. In this series of posts, get to know some of our facilitators!

Hadi KhabbazMeet Hadi Khabbaz, Associate Professor in our School of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

He will run a studio titled ‘Challenges and Opportunities of Landfill Design and Reusing closed Landfills’.

We asked Hadi some questions about his studio.

What is the motivation behind your studio?

Offering a subject, mostly technical, in a new mode.  I would like to come out of my comfort zone regarding teaching and learning activities.

What’s the coolest thing you are working on in your studio preparation at the moment?

(The word “coolest” is not an engineering term!). It depends on individual students. It might be the direct contact with the councils or visiting a landfill site. I also use a new numerical software package (Geo-Studio). Students can analyse the stability of landfills or calculate the seepage of leachate out of a closed landfill. Learning and applying this software might be interesting for students.

What do you want for students in your studio?

I would like students to change or enhance their approach to learning (i.e. adopt the deep approach to learning) instead of getting better marks/grades (achieving approach or surface approach) in this subject.

Interested? Contact FEIT.summerstudios@uts.edu.au  or visit the Summer Studio A site.

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