Faculty Theming in UTSOnline

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A new look for UTSOnline subject sites.

Improving the student experience

Student feedback tells us UTSOnline can be a confusing place to visit and the faculties have responded. In collaboration with Learning and Teaching Systems (LaTS), new faculty based themes and site structure options have been made available for your UTSOnline subjects.

Key features and student gains

  • A banner that automatically displays the subject name and stays visible for every menu item
  • Accessibility aware menu text and colours
  • Streamlined menu layout with more legible headings for grouped content
  • Uniform basic navigation across subject sites
  • Fewer clicks to locate key content
  • Responsive layout for mobile and tablet view

The process

This is a two-part process

  1. Theming – involves adding the faculty banner and menu styling
  2. Preferred faculty menu structure – involves overlaying the menu structure and retro-fitting existing content manually

For brand-new subject sites

  • Faculty theming and menu structure will be applied at the time of site creation.

For existing sites copied for Autumn 2018

  • Your faculty will decide whether sites copied for future sessions will have theme and/or menu structure applied for you.
  • You still maintain the ability to customise additional content areas and manage your menu.
  • If theming or menu structure have not been applied to your existing sites, you can do this yourself with some simple steps.

Where to get help

Transform the student experience for your subjects now.


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