Where do I drop-in? Watch this video to find out!

by | 31 Aug, 2017 | 3 comments

Follow us as we show you where to find the drop-in service while the Hub is being refurbished...

During the refurbishment period, we will continue to offer our drop-in service every weekday from 12-2pm, in Building 3, Level 4 (Bon Marche). Take a look at the video below to see where you need to go!

Stay in touch with us as we get ready to offer even more services and events when we reopen in mid-October.

We’ll be providing regular updates via Futures and Twitter so make sure you’re subscribed to catch all the latest news.


  1. Anne Gardner

    Building 3, level 4 – got it.

  2. Adrian

    Wondering if all three lifts in Building 3 will have access to Level 4…. got in one this morning (the solo lift on the north wall) and it would not let me off at Level 4. I was sad.

    • Lucy Arthur

      Hi Adrian, don’t be sad! We’ll look into this.


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