5 Questions with…Jackie Jones, Clinical Practitioner in Law

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The trickiest thing about teaching in my discipline area is...
Jackie and her dog Maya.

Jackie and her dog Maya.

Practical Legal Training (PLT) is the bridge between learning the law and being a legal practitioner. A tricky aspect of PLT is guiding students to break down the compartmentalisation of their learning between law subjects and the practical application of their legal knowledge using real world examples.

A common myth about learning and teaching in higher education is…

A common perception amongst legal practitioners is that teaching in higher ed is much easier than the practice of law – no clients, no mandatory continuing legal education, no professional indemnities concerns, no conduct rules and above all no billable hours! For a dedicated teacher this perception is far from the truth. Learning and teaching in higher ed requires a continued passion for learning (for self and students) and a commitment to preparation of content with an exploration of innovative teaching practices. All of this reflects the professionalism a career in academia deserves.

What gives me the most joy in teaching…

I experience different joys in teaching depending on the cohort of students. Assisting PLT students in understanding and appreciating the importance of being a legal practitioner and the application of their legal knowledge in real world scenarios is as special as awakening the minds and interest of first year students to the law. It is a privilege to introduce students to law.

My next trip will be…

South Carolina, USA to see my son. He has accepted a tennis scholarship to attend a university there.

Dogs or cats…

Both. I love animals and even though I have had a number of very special cats in my life, my cavoodle dog ‘Maya’ is the diva of the family and the joy of our lives.



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