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Welcome to week 1 of the UTS Spring session. If you're feeling lost in UTSOnline, take a look at these tips for finding your way.

The start of a session is an exciting but a busy time for staff and we all want things to go smoothly. So this post has some ways that you can get help with UTSOnline, and some quick answers for common questions.

Help is available

Here are five options for you to seek assistance:

1. Check out the UTSOnline help site.

2. Log a ServiceConnect request. Your request will be responded to by the first available person.

3. Ask online through the Futures chat between 10am and 12pm.

4. Drop into the learning.futures Academic Hub in building 6 between 12-2pm. You can guarantee a place by making a booking.

5. Contact your IML learning technologist.

Quick tips

There have been some changes in UTSOnline this year, so here are some quick links to answer the most common questions on new and old issues.

How do I make my subject outline available in UTSOnline?

Subject coordinators can now make subject outlines available via direct links from CIS. All you have to do is to publish the outline from CIS, and students will be able to find it via the Subject Outline link in every UTSOnline site. Easy, but it’s a new process.Take a look at this step-by-step guide.

Why can’t students see the content that I’ve added to my UTSOnline site?

New UTSOnline sites are now created for each teaching session, so first check that you’re adding to the right site (It’s easy to miss this if you’ve been flat out!). Spring sites have the subject name followed by “Spring 2017” If you’re in the right site, check that the content is marked as available when it should be. Instructions for creating content are available on the Blackboard site.

How do I add or remove staff users from UTSOnline sites?

Many of us have some new tutors each session, and coordinators change. If you’re an instructor, you can add and remove other staff members, like your tutors.

The hub team are here to help, so if you need help or have suggestions for help resources, please get in touch.

Best wishes for Spring learning and teaching.


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