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If getting stuck with learning technologies like UTSOnline, SPARKPlus, REVIEW, Turnitin or Echo360 sounds familiar, then ServiceConnect is for you. Get the help you need by lodging a request to the Learning Technologist team through ServiceConnect today to have your questions answered.

What is ServiceConnect and why should I use it?

ServiceConnect is your online support and self-service system, allowing you to ask questions, make requests, track the progress of your reported requests and chat online with a Support Centre team member to get your answers.
Using ServiceConnect for learning technologies requests can help you to:
  • Get simple requests resolved quickly online
  • Lodge requests anytime and anywhere to get assistance
  • Prepare and set-up UTSOnline, REVIEW, SPARK, Turnitin and more prior to starting your sessions
  • Get in touch with your faculty Learning Technologist who can offer one-to-one support or explain why you may want to use a particular tool or technology.

How to use ServiceConnect

Using ServiceConnect is easy. To lodge a ticket to the Learning Technologist team simply access ServiceConnect and follow the below steps.

Who is my faculty Learning Technologist?

The Institute for Interactive Media & Learning (IML) has established a Learning Technology (LT) group to support the faculties in their effective use of technologies in education in line with a learning.futures approach. Each LT is assigned to a Faculty and also has one or more specialist areas of expertise. All of the systems supported at UTS are covered such as UTSOnline, SPARK, REVIEW, Echo360, A.nnotate, ePortfolio etc.

  • Andrew Francois – DAB and TDi
  • Detlev Kerkovius – FEIT
  • Kais Al-Momani – FASS
  • Mark P. O’Connor – HEALTH
  • Wenes Gunawan – LAW
  • Ollie Coady – SCIENCE
  • Philip Mills – BUSINESS

The faces behind frontline Learning Technologies support

Have you ever wondered who is on the other end? Well here’s your chance to put a face to the names of IML’s Learning Technology Support Officers, the people responsible for first line learning technologies support.

_8lvaak7_400x400Amanda Sampol
I am a Master of Media Arts and Production student, who currently works as Marketing Director in my spare time for a pro-bono student society called BusinessOne. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Public Communications degree in 2015, I have worked in both the advertising and PR industry. With a broad spectrum of interests spanning that of technology, design and strategic planning, I am always looking for a challenge to strengthen my creative thinking, business acumen and entrepreneurial mindset. In terms of my passions, I have a love for animals and all things property investment related. In fact I’m currently infatuated with my two pet rabbits Biscuit and Pebbles, and corgi puppy Rocket with which I have even created an Instagram for.

screen%20shot%202017-07-11%20at%206-32-27%20pmEmily Quinn Smyth
Emily is a Masters of Science (Research) student, currently researching the effects of the weed Lantana camara on animals. She is passionate about the environment, accessibility and playing soccer. Two interesting facts about Emily is that she can speak Spanish and has travelled to 28 countries. A self professed cat lover, Emily is besotted by her cat Pandy.

Feel free to get in touch with us for all things learning technologies related, and we’ll try our best to provide solutions to your issue, or at least point you in the right direction. We’d also love to hear any feedback you have for our team, as we’re always looking to improve our services to best assist those in need of learning technologies support.

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  1. Lucy Arthur

    Kudos to you Amanda for weaving your corgi’s Instagram into a post about Service Connect 🙂
    Love your work (Emily too!)



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