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Want to find out how OnTask can help you? Read on, and come along to the upcoming OnTask workshop...

What is OnTask?

In a nutshell, OnTask is an online platform that aims to improve the academic experience of students through the delivery of timely, personalised and actionable student feedback. Distributing feedback as students progress along their learning paths through subjects, the seamless scalability of OnTask is particularly well suited for large classes – where meaningful feedback is highly desired, and yet presents most challenging.

Directly tailored for the needs of students, OnTask is one of the outcomes of a multi-university project funded through a Strategic Priority Commissioned Grant by the Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT). The OnTask platform draws on students learning traces left across the university (e.g. UTSOnline, discussion boards, data warehouse, student services, teacher records) and a lecturer’s experience with a subject and student cohort.

How is OnTask currently being used at UTS, or elsewhere?

Providing timely, personalised student feedback to large student cohorts was pioneered at UTS about ten years, and reception by students has been overwhelmingly positive. The OnTask project is a large scale multi-university development which allowed us to move our student-centred, personalised feedback service from a single desk application to a large scale enterprise solution. OnTask is now trialled at UTS, The University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, and University of South Australia. Our first OnTask training workshop is on 22 June 2017, 2-4pm, at the CIC Ideation Studio, UTS Building 22 (Blackfriars Precinct).

Who can benefit?

OnTask could be of particular benefit to coordinators of large classes who seek to provide a more personalised and accountable feedback to their students. Another group that may draw substantial support from OnTask’s versatility are student service units which aim to provide more targeted support to very diverse student cohorts.

Come along to the OnTask workshop to see how you can benefit!

Feature image credit: Andrew Worssam.


  1. Sonia Matiuk

    I’d really like to attend this workshop but have a prior engagement. Are there any plans to run another one?

    • Ollie Coady

      Hi Sonia, were you still interested in this event if it could be run again?

  2. Ollie Coady

    Hi Jurgen, would you be willing to run this session again in the LX.lab?

  3. Jurgen Schulte

    Yes, I am happy to run this session again. Would mid November be a good time?

    • Ollie Coady

      That would be perfect. We’ll get in touch with you soon 🙂


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