5 questions with…Jenna Price

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If I could wave a magic wand?

I would provide every single student and every single academic a Time-Turner (thanks JK and her best ever creation, Hermione). No-one ever has enough time and this would be the solution. Failing that, my magic wand would provide every single person with brilliant time management skills.

A time turner necklace

A Time Turner.

My next trip is…

I’m going to the Great Barrier Reef. Which should be really mind boggling except I have to learn to swim first. At my age. If biology had meant humans to breathe underwater, then we’d have gills. Anyhow, I’m learning. I’m the oldest person doing dog paddle in the pool by about 55 years.

One thing I wish I’d known about university teaching…

That teaching is actually a thing. You aren’t a good teacher just because you are an expert, it’s a whole different skill. Helping students develop during their time at UTS is harder than just vomiting up what you know about your discipline. When I first heard the word scaffolding, I thought it was some bit of jargon. Now I realise it’s the walk-before-you-run. Or in my case, dog paddle before freestyle.

Fish swimming in the great barrier reef

The Great Barrier Reef.

My favourite technology…

Could never go past the internet. When I was a girl, we had to queue for books and the ones you needed were already on loan to the well-organised. See point one. But yep, the internet. Bringer of joy, ideas, travel tips, recipes – and the ability to nag remotely.

Dogs or cats?

Ugh, I hate pets.


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